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4 min readJul 14, 2023


Decentralised liquid staking protocol bringing capital efficient storage and mining to the Filecoin network.


We are excited to announce that the Mainnet Beta version of Collectif DAO decentralised liquid staking protocol has been launched on Filecoin!

The protocol has been deployed on Filecoin mainnet at the following contract addresses:

Liquid Staking:

Collateral system:

Over the last 8 months our team has been working to bring the most capital efficient liquid staking protocol to the Filecoin network and we’re happy to present you the results of our work now!

We’re rolling out the liquid staking protocol in a guarded launch with liquidity cap of a 100,000 FIL to guarantee smooth operations of the protocol and integrate Storage Providers before significant amount of liquidity would come into the liquid staking system.

Guarded launch

To ensure protocol security, Collectif DAO’s liquid staking protocol is launching with a liquidity cap of 100,000 FIL. This limit will progressively increase, aiming for an unrestricted state where any amount of Filecoin can be staked.

During this guarded launch, Filecoin holders can stake their FIL for a high yield of over 19%, while Storage Providers integrate with Collectif DAO to increase storage capacity on the Filecoin network. Unstaking will be available after the guarded mode ends.

As the speed at which Storage Providers can utilize FIL from the liquid staking pool depends on their sealing capacity, we’re integrating with multiple Storage Providers. This ensures a high utilization speed and a balanced relationship between newly staked capital and its full onboarding time.

Focus on security

Prior to launching on Filecoin Mainnet Collectif DAO were audited by Decurity: one of the top auditors in the space, multiple world CTF hacking champions, blockchain security experts with proven record since 2017. Their team has audited notable projects like 1inch, Yearn, Compound, Symbiosis, and ZkBob.

You can check Decurity audit report by following this link:

The safety of staked assets is our top priority, and we are dedicated to reinforcing security. We strictly work with audited firms with a robust security history and zero losses.

So… Why Collectif DAO?

Slashing protection

Collectif DAO is the only protocol on Filecoin that provides slashing coverage for stakers.

Our risk management practices includes several protections:

  • Storage Faults
  • Consensus Faults
  • Missed rewards

To start working with Collectif DAO, Storage Providers have to put 30% collateral ensuring FIL stakers are compensated for Storage Provider misconduct. This collateral is deposited in FIL coins into a dedicated smart contract. If an Storage Provider is slashed, the amount is drawn from this collateral to cover losses in the staking pool.

You can learn more about our slashing coverage from our detailed documentation. Here is a sneak peak: the graph, that shows the collateral coverage and Storage Provider’s total slashing risk over individual sector:

Blue line shows SP’s collateral over time, orange — total slashing fees.

Maximized yield

Collectif DAO provides an optimized model for Storage Providers to maximize their Filecoin earnings. Our understanding of the Filecoin economy allows us to boost mining rewards for SPs by up to 40% and reduce the profitability period by up to 50 days.

By optimizing the rewards for Storage Providers, Collectif DAO can significantly increase the staking rate for FIL holders. Which leads to unmatched rates compared to other alternatives.

However, our model involves a trade-off: while we optimize earnings substantially, stakers receive about 40% of mining rewards from Storage Providers, which may be lower than other protocols. But, given the Filecoin economy’s challenges with declining rewards, this trade-off is a necessary measure to ensure the survival of Storage Providers during bear markets, thereby ensuring the long-term stability and sustainability of the Filecoin network.

Highest operational standards

At Collectif DAO, we’re all about aligning with Filecoin’s top-tier Storage Providers and maintaining the highest operational standards

We’re analyzing a huge amount of data related to miner’s efficiency and historical performance within Filecoin. This has allowed us to develop a solid framework for evaluating and monitoring miner performance.

As market conditions are rapidly changing and Storage Providers are challenged to predicting earnings in the coming year, it’s crucial to onboard Storage Providers that have the least likelihood of facing operational or financial outrages.

The quality of a liquid staking protocol is only as good as its storage providers. It is great to have such reputable founding Storage Providers willing to participate in Collectif DAO. If you’re interested in joining Collectif DAO as a Storage Provider, please get in touch with us.

Ok, how do I stake?

  1. Add Filecoin Mainnet network to your Metamask here:
  2. Connect your Metamask to out dapp at
  3. Choose amount of FIL you’d like to stake and press the Stake button.
How do I stake?

Leave us feedback by clicking on Mainnet Beta near the logo and filling the form. Especially if you’ve decided not to stake 🙂. It will be extremely useful for us and will help make Collectif DAO better

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What happens next?

In our next blog post we’ll provide more details about protocol architecture and some insights about Filecoin economy we’ve got during our research.

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Collectif DAO

Decentralised liquid staking protocol bringing capital efficient storage and mining to Filecoin network.